How to Get Google Adsense Approval?

The majority of advertisements that we frequently encounter in digital environments are carried out by Adsense. User experiences of blogs or various sites can turn into an economic profit with Adsense ads. Well, what does your website need to get Adsense approval, what kind of work you need to do, let’s take a look at them.

First of all, the main goal is to provide the best user experience in all applications working with Google and Google infrastructure. This also applies to Adsense. For this reason, your content, site and the services you provide should provide users with the highest level of benefit. So how do you get Adsense approval by providing users with the highest level of benefit? This question may be answered for pages, but we will discuss this subject in the most concise but also the most comprehensive way in our article.

Original, high quality and content that meets the needs of users are the most important elements that should be included in your websites. Whatever the type of your content, ensure that people get the most out of it. Of course, while producing content that people can use and benefit from in the best way, you must first create original content. In other words, copying and pasting the content from a different site or changing the words and publishing this content on your site will not make any contribution to your site and may cause a negative evaluation in search engines.

The article you will share on your websites should be authoritative as well as original. You may have thought, “What is authoritarian content?” Authoritarian content is the content that reveals the knowledge and experience of the author on the relevant subject, as well as that this content is written by an expert. For this, it is also important that your site offers services in your field of expertise. It may not be possible to produce authoritative content on a subject that you are not an expert in.

Act Regularly and Programmatically While Creating Content

Executing the content you will produce for the services offered by your website in a planned and programmed manner will contribute to achieving your goals. The layout of the content you will produce for your site includes many variables such as time, category and quality. You can produce 10 content on your site per day, but the quality of these 10 content and how it will provide a user experience can be a matter of discussion. But if you create one or two daily content in a quality and authoritative way and distribute it properly to your site’s categories, you will greatly facilitate the Adsense approval process.

After creating your content, try to support it with different genres. If you have created a blog post, you can provide the page layout in the best way by supporting this content with different types of content such as images and videos. But do not forget that when adding your other content to your blog page, you will make the naming by considering SEO. Visual editing of content that exceeds 1000 words, which is accepted as authoritative content, is also important in terms of user experience. It is also important for the evaluation of the application process that you have a minimum of 30 articles by distributing the distribution of your content equally to the categories for Adsense approval.

You can present the basic dynamics of your site to your users and search engines by specifying the services provided by your website, the purposes and methods of providing these services on the about me page on your site. You can also mention the mission and vision of your site on the about me page.

It is also important for your user experience to establish the most active communication with your users by creating the contact page of your site. It will be healthier to use your addresses, such as e-mail addresses, in your communication channels. However, you can add your phone number to your site depending on the type of services you offer.

Websites and site tools can collect some information about their users. You can specify the legal responsibility of your users and your site by including elements such as what this information is collected and how it is used in your privacy policy. You can add the privacy policy, about me and contact pages to the bottom menu of your site.

If you have met the above conditions for your website, all that remains is to apply for Adsense. Of course, there are some actions you need to do here as well. During the Adsense application, you must specify the details such as the domain, the audience your site serves, and the area your site provides service, and add the code provided to you between the <head> sections of your site. The application process is completed by clicking the copy section provided by Adsense and pasting this code, which you will add to your site, into the coding field you entered in the theme editor section.

Approval process for Google Adsense application may vary. The evaluation of your Adsense application will be sent to you by e-mail. If your site does not meet the necessary conditions, you will find in the e-mails sent to you why your site was not approved without going into too much detail. You may also need to search for the items in the e-mail, correct the deficiencies of your site and apply for Adsense again.

Google Adsense you should be able to provide the user experience in the best way with the services you provide by producing quality, original content for the application. By updating your site in line with Google’s user experience improvement policies, you can benefit from Google’s opportunities more efficiently. After considering the basic conditions and policies, if you prepare every work you will do by taking into account the user experience, your Adsense application will be approved in a short time.

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